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  • Dani Gallagher

Why You Should View This The Kinsey Collection at FAMU

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Art and history-lovers alike can enjoy one of the more unique things to do in Tallahassee. “Flourishing the Roots of Our Past” is an exhibit on display at the FAMU Meek-Eaton Southeastern Regional Black Archives and Museum. Learn why you should see the exhibit for yourself.

About the Exhibit

You can view this exhibit at the FAMU Meek-Eaton Southeastern Regional Black Archives and Museum between 10am and 5pm. Open to the public, the exhibit was brought to the city by a joint effort between the Kinsey Family Collection and the museum.

The exhibit went on tour in 2007 and showcases historical documents and treasures relevant to African American history. While at the exhibit, you can learn about some major contributions made by African Americans between 1595 and the 1900s.

In addition to being educational, this exhibit is meant to spark questions and get people thinking. If you’re someone who loves history or art, you’ll enjoy the show. Even if you don’t have an appreciation for history, the exhibit could help you discover a new love of the past.

Florida A&M University isn’t just a place for students to go to get a degree. It’s also a place for locals to go and explore. If you haven’t taken advantage of some of the exciting exhibits and activities at the university, you should start doing so.

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