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  • Dani Gallagher

Where to Go for Healthy Food in Tallahassee

Healthy Food

One of the most common New Year resolutions is the desire to lose weight. Requiring a combination of exercise and dieting, weight loss takes effort. If you want to shed a few pounds this winter, you should know where to find healthy food in Tallahassee. Head to one of these restaurants for a great and healthy meal.

1. Sweet Pea Cafe

Primarily a vegan restaurant, Sweet Pea Cafe has a long list of healthy items on their menu. They have outdoor seating on picnic tables and serve meals that come straight from the farm. On the menu, you can find unique items such as a tempeh Reuben, a buffalo fried tofu sandwich, and tofuevos rancheros. Even if you’re not vegan, you’ll enjoy the food.

2. OG Subs

The next time you’re craving a big meal, head to OG Subs. Instead of eating greasy food, you can order a healthy sandwich. They use high-quality meats and serve them on bread that’s baked in-house. If you’re trying to avoid carbs, you can get a large salad.

3. Backwoods Crossing

One of the most popular healthy restaurants in Tallahassee, Backwoods Crossing is known for farm to table dishes. Having opened in 2012, the establishment has been pleasing locals for years. It serves up locally-sourced sausage, crab, and more. The menu changes with the produce and aims to highlight local vegetables.

Living in Tallahassee

There are plenty of healthy choices you can make in Tallahassee. If you’re looking to change your lifestyle, give us a call at the Renaissance Apartments at Capital Circle. Call us today and learn more about our apartments.

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