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What You Should Know About the Tallahassee Airport

What You Should Know About the Tallahassee Airport

If you have an apartment in Tallahassee, you may have heard about the Tallahassee airport. Many individuals use the airport to travel regionally and to other states. The airport has flights that make trips to states like Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina. Additionally, flights travel throughout the state of Florida.

Information About the Airport

For now, there are three airlines that fly out of Tallahassee. Delta, American, and Silver Airlines all fly out of the city. The passenger terminal opens at 4am, but the ticket counters for each airline have varying hours.

Unlike some airports in other cities, the Tallahassee Airport is a smaller airport. You don’t need to deal with long lines or crowded terminals. However, there are shopping and dining options available. Parking is quite affordable, with long term rates around $66 each week.

If people fly into Tallahassee without already having transportation, they can visit one of the rental car agencies in the airport. With multiple rental car options, they can choose the provider that best meets their budget.

Visiting the Tallahassee Airport

If you plan on traveling regionally or to another state, you should consider flying out of the Tallahassee airport. The airport is like no other. The small size, affordable parking, and multiple amenities make it a great option. It’s ideal for those looking for a short trip out of the city.

The local airport is only one of the features that makes Tallahassee great. Contact us at the Renaissance Apartments at Capital Circle to learn more about living in the city.

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