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What’s It Like Living in Tallahassee?

Many people wonder what it is that makes living in Tallahassee so special. There are many great reasons to stay in the area. However, having an appreciation and an understanding of the area is one of the best ways to understand Tallahassee. Here’s some insight into the city.

The Location

Before you learn about living in Tallahassee, you should understand its location. Located in northern Florida, Tallahassee differs greatly from its counterparts down south. The city has Southern charm but also has some great nature.

The Town

One of the most important things that you should know about living in Tallahassee is that it’s a college town. There are two major universities in the city and several small ones. If you’re interested in some nightlife, you can check out the restaurants and bars around the area. There are also always fun sporting events occurring near the schools. To make living in Tallahassee more exciting, check out a game.

The Landscape

Although Florida is known for being very flat, Tallahassee breaks the mold. The landscape of the city differs greatly from the rest of the state. There are gently rolling hills and ample Spanish moss on the trees.

The Lodging

When you choose to live in Tallahassee, you deserve a great updated home. Here at the Renaissance Apartments, we have newly renovated apartments in a convenient location. You can live in an area that gives you direct access to all of the great things that the city has to offer. Contact us today.

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