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The Top Food Trucks in Tallahassee


If you’re hungry in Tallahassee, then you have a few options. Instead of heading to your local restaurant, try something new and make your way to one of these food trucks. Check out the top food trucks in Tallahassee and get a meal to remember.

1. Kubano

If you like meaty sandwiches, then head to Kuba. This is one of the top food trucks in Tallahassee because they serve up some of the tastiest Cuban sandwiches that you can find. They also serve up a variety of other sandwiches. Neatly packed and loaded with meat, they are great for when you’re on-the-go.

2. Valhalla Grill

True Vikings go to Valhalla Grill. Whether or not you’re a Viking, you should head to this food truck. Be sure to try the Viking Sandwich - a beast of a sandwich loaded with roast beef and horseradish mayo. The crinkly french fries with gravy are the perfect side dish.

3. The Backpackers Box

If you want a food truck that does it all, then look no further. This dining spot does all of their dishes to perfection. Although you should try one of everything, you should be sure to try the Schnitzel. In addition to having great food, the truck also boasts great service.

Living in Tallahassee

The food alone is a good reason for living in Tallahassee. Contact us at the Renaissance Apartments at Capital Circle. When you stay with us, you can explore everything that the city has to offer. Best of all, you get to explore and come home to a comfortable and affordable building.

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