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The Best Tallahassee Southern Restaurants

You could argue that the best Tallahassee Southern cooking is in the homes of the Tallahassee residents. However, there are some amazing restaurants that give them a run for their money. Find out which Southern restaurants you should visit.

1. Fifth and Thomas

This restaurant gives you Southern food, but with a modern twist. Often, it’s hard to find Tallahassee Southern restaurants that are upscale. This restaurant is the perfect blend of class and soul food. If you go in the evening, you can enjoy some live music and drinks with your meal.

2. Earley’s Kitchen

If you don’t like buffet-style restaurants, then you might want to avoid this place. The servers behind the buffet serve you up with whatever you want. However, the food is worth overcoming your buffet-phobia. This place does Southern cooking the right way. The mac-n-cheese and catfish are two dishes that you should request on your plate. However, it’s all worth trying.

3. Toni’s Homestyle Cookin’ Seafood Restaurant

For an authentic, no-frills Southern restaurant, head to Toni’s. The chef serves up some great Southern dishes that taste like your mother was in the kitchen. The shining star here is the seafood. However, all of the dishes are authentic. Currently undergoing renovations, the restaurant will only continue to improve.

Enjoying Tallahassee Southern Restaurants

Ready for your fill of Tallahassee Southern restaurants? Then eat up! When you stay with us at the Renaissance Apartments at Capital Circle, you are conveniently located near all of the best local restaurants. Contact us and find out more.

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