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Tallahassee News: American Idol Auditions

Tallahassee News: American Idol Auditions

One of tha latest pieces of Tallahassee news is the American Idol auditions. At the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center, the American Idol Auditions drew quite a crowd. By 6:30am on an August day, the line had hundreds of people in it. Everyone was waiting for their chance at stardom.

In fact, the auditions in Tallahassee were more emotional than auditions in other parts of the country. After parts of the panhandle were left ravaged by a hurricane, many people suffered. Some of the victims were waiting in line, trying to get their lives turned around.

While people waited, they sang, dance, and gave each other pep talks. They waited for hours, anticipating the chance to show their talent to the casting agent. Then, the casting agent gave an answer. If they said no, the performer went home. But if they said yes, they were taken to a waiting area. Then, they would sing in front of a producer. A yes from the producer would take them to another audition. This time, it was in front of executive producers.

Finally, they would get an opportunity to have an interview in-person and on-video. Only after the long process would they have a chance to be on the show.

The American Idol Auditions were a chance for the many singers in Tallahassee to prove themselves. Although only a few made it, many of them have talent. You don’t have to be on American Idol to showcase your talent. In the city, there are many great venues for live performers.

Whether you’re a performer or just someone who loves Tallahassee, you can enjoy living in our apartments. Contact us at the Renaissance Apartments at Capital Circle to learn more.

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