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Tallahassee Events: The 8th Annual Frenchtown Heritage Festival

If your Tallahassee events calendar is already full, make some room. The Eighth annual Frenchtown Heritage Festival is on its way. It’s one of the Tallahassee events that lets you celebrate the history of the area.

What Is It?

The Frenchtown Heritage Festival is an annual event. Thanks to the Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association, the event brings a sense of community to Tallahassee every year. They put together a festival that focuses on revitalizing the historic Frenchtown neighborhood.

The neighborhood has a unique history. In the 19th century, French settlers came to the area. Many of those settlers moved back to New Orleans or France. Other remained, and were joined by freed slaves. This festival honors the history and pushes towards a better future.

At the event, you will find artist exhibits, musicians, vendors, and more. Local businesses band together and showcase their offerings.

During the event, there will be some unique activities. For example, this year will bring a spades tournament and a barbecue cook-off. Whether you like to cook barbecue or eat it, the cook-off will be fun for all.

When Is the Festival?

The Frenchtown Heritage Festival will occur on November 3rd. It will begin at 10 am and will continue on until 4 pm.

If you plan on attending this one of the Tallahassee events, you need to go to the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and West Georgia Street.

Enjoying the Tallahassee Events

If you love enjoying Tallahassee events, then contact us at the Renaissance Apartments at Capital Circle. Contact us and find out what we have to offer our residents.

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