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Tallahassee Day Trip: Panama City Beach

When you need a day away from city life, you can get in the car and take a Tallahassee day trip. One great day trip option is Panama City Beach. Located about two hours from Tallahassee, Panama City Beach is close enough for a day of fun in the sun.

Planning Your Tallahassee Day Trip

Panama City Beach is loaded with attractions and restaurants. Before you take your day trip, you should make a game plan. Then, you can plan your day accordingly.

Wondering what you can do there? You could just spend your day at the beach, lounging on a chair or a towel. But there’s more than just the beach. Panama City has fun attractions, like wineries. Head to the Panama City Beach Winery for a chance to try some tasty local wines.

If you want to do some shopping, you can head over to Pier Park. The park also features some of the area’s best restaurants. When you head to Pier Park in the evening, you can get some beautiful pictures and views.

Spending the Evening

If you’re not in a rush to get back to Tallahassee, then enjoy the evening in Panama City Beach. Watch the sunset from St. Andrews State Park. You can also get on a charter boat and watch the sunset from the water.

Living in Tallahassee means that you can easily plan a Tallahassee day trip. But if you stay with us at the Renaissance Apartments at Capital Circle, you might not ever want to leave home. Contact us and find out about our accommodation.

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