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  • Dani Gallagher

Tallahassee Attractions: Lake Ella & Fred Drake Park

There are several great ways to enjoy the outdoors in Tallahassee. One of the Tallahassee attractions you don’t want to miss is the Lake Ella and Fred Drake Park. Learn more about the park and how you can spend a special day there.

About Lake Ella and Fred Drake Park

Lake Ella and Fred Drake Park

Lake Ella and Fred Drake Park is located near the intersection of Tharpe and Monroe Street. The park features a beautiful walking path that loops around a small lake known as Lake Ella. While it might not be large, the lake is still picturesque and can attract some interesting birds.

In the park, there’s a large oak and several picnic areas. Instead of coming and just walking around the lake, you can visit the park and make an afternoon out of it. Bring some food for the ducks, pack a picnic lunch, and enjoy the great outdoors. Either bring sandwiches from home or stop at a local deli and bring some delicious subs. If you go to the park on a Thursday evening, you might find a few food trucks waiting to serve you.

No matter the season, Tallahassee has some great outdoor activities. Instead of staying cooped up in your apartment or staring at the television, get out and explore. Visit Lake Ella or one of the other excellent local parks.

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