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Summer Living in Tallahassee: Hair and Makeup Tips

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Summer Living in Tallahassee: Hair and Makeup Tips

In Tallahassee, the summer heat can be brutal. But the right hair and makeup can make your summer more enjoyable. Follow these beauty tips to stay as cool as possible while still looking good.

1. Embrace the Up-Do

Long hair in the summer can get hot quickly. However, you don't need to cut your hair in order to keep cool. Instead, you can embrace an up-do. There are some very classy options that allow you to be comfortable and stylish. Pick up a magazine and take note of the styles you like best. Then, practice them until you feel great in your new style.

2. Use Sunscreen

Your sunscreen is an important part of a summer beauty care regimen. In Tallahassee, the summer sun can be brutal on your skin. Before you go out for the day, apply sunscreen. Be sure to put on fresh sunblock frequently. If you soak an old foundation cushion in sunblock, you can take it with you and reapply throughout the day.

3. Wear Less MakeUp

You don’t need to load up with make-up in the summer. Give your skin a little break, and you might be able to prevent creasing and caking of your make-up. If you can get away with it, stick to concealer and tinted moisturizer.

4. Use Conditioner

If you don’t regularly use conditioner in your hair, you should use it in the summer. Chlorine pools and salty beach water can dry out your hair.

Summer Living in Tallahassee

Summer is a great season in Tallahassee. It’s even better when you live with us at the Renaissance Apartments in Capital Circle. Contact us to learn more.

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