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New Addition to the Tallahassee Museum

New Addition to the Tallahassee Museum

The Tallahassee Museum is always a great place to visit. But if you visit sometime soon, you may find a special treat waiting for you. There’s a Eurasian lynx on display, but he won’t always be on display. The lynx is a temporary inhabitant on loan from a wildlife facility in Gainesville.

Eurasian Lynx Tallahassee Museum

About the Exhibit

The Tallahassee Museum has more than 52 acres of educational exhibits. In addition to having some non-living animals on display, they also have plenty of lively animals. The lynx will be one of those animals until he returns to his home in the fall.

The lynx isn’t the only cool cat at the Tallahassee Museum. At the museum, there are also two bobcats. But those bobcats are smaller than their new guest. This lynx weighs approximately 50 pounds.

Currently, the lynx is getting used to his new home. As time passes, he’s starting to settle into the exhibit. You might even get to see him sticking out his tongue when he’s calm or happy. Once he’s fully adjusted to the exhibit, he should be very outgoing and interactive.

Typically, the keepers feed the lynx chicken legs and other nutrients. They also feed him Cornish game hens. But in the wild, the lynx would go after deer.

Visiting the Museum

There are many other reasons to visit the Tallahassee Museum. Even after the lynx leaves, you can enjoy other animal exhibits. You can also learn more about the native plants and animals as well as learn about the history of the area.

If you want to enjoy visiting the museum and the other perks that come with living in Tallahassee, contact us at the Renaissance Apartments at Capital Circle.

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