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Living in Tallahassee: Exploring the Southern Charm

Living In Tallahassee

One of the best parts about living in Tallahassee is getting the Southern experience. There aren’t many cities in the US that have Southern charm. However, Tallahassee is full of Southern charm. Here are three ways that Tallahassee gives you the true Southern Experience.

1. The Landscape

The nature surrounding Tallahassee is picturesque. With trees covered in Spanish moss, the landscape of Tallahassee could come from a story book. When you walk down a road draped with moss, you might find yourself transported to a different time.

2. The Food

Of course, Tallahassee is the ideal place for Southern food. Southern food comes in many forms. If you’re interested in barbecue, then Tallahassee is the ideal location. The barbecue in the city falls off of the bone and leaves your mouth watering. If you’re looking for other Southern fare, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of restaurants that offer true Southern cooking. While you enjoy the food, be sure to order a sweet tea.

3. The People

In Tallahassee, you fall in love with the people. Many of the city’s inhabitants are the epitome of Southern charm. They have Southern accents and Southern manners. If you get invited into someone’s home, then you can expect the royal treatment. Southerners treat guests like royalty.

Living in Tallahassee

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