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Indoor Plants for Your Stylish Tallahassee Apartment

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Indoor Plants for Your Stylish Tallahassee Apartment

One of the downsides to having an apartment can be a lack of gardening space. However, you don't need a huge backyard to garden. With these indoor plants, you can add a feel of the outdoors to your stylish Tallahassee apartment.

1. Snake Plant

Don't let the name of this plant fool you. It's not a breeding grounds for snakes, nor does it slither. This unique plant has long green leaves that come out from the soil. It grows very well indoors, as it needs low light. Better yet, it doesn't need frequent watering. It's also one of the best plants for indoor air quality.

2. Bonsai

Although most people have heard if bonsai, few know what it entails. A bonsai tree can come in many forms. However, all bonsai grow in a small pot. The roots don't have much room to grow, so the plant remains small.

Bonsai is considered an art form. Therefore, your new addition to your home can also be your new hobby. You might find that you need to buy a few bonsai to satisfy your love of the art form.

3. Pothos

This plant thrives indoors and does well in a variety of lighting types. Like the snake plant, it's excellent at cleaning the air of impurities. You can grow it from a regular pot or buy a hanging basket and watch it sprawl.

If you're interested in adding some greenery to your apartment, you have plenty of options. When you stay at the Renaissance Apartments at Capital Circle, you can also enjoy the grounds surrounding your home.

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