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Four Winter Decor Ideas for Your Tallahassee Apartment

Four Winter Decor Ideas for Your Tallahassee Apartment

Are you having a hard time getting ready for the holidays? If you’re not yet ready for the winter, you need to prepare your Tallahassee apartment. Follow these four tips to prepare your apartment.

Make a Tea Log

There’s nothing quite like the glow of a fire under the mantelpiece. And while you can’t install a fireplace in your Tallahassee apartment, you can achieve a similar look. Head to the beach and find a long piece of driftwood.

Then, find a place for the driftwood in your apartment. You could place it on a coffee table, bookcase, or on your kitchen counter. Take some tea candles and space them apart on the log. Drill the candles into the driftwood, and you’re done!

2. Create a Wintery Centerpiece

If you want your home to be ready for the seasonal change, you need a wintery centerpiece. Take a decorative container and fill it with objects that make you think of winter.

For example, you can fill it with fake pine tree branches and winter berry branches. Keep the bowl in a central location and let it draw the attention.

3. Build a Wreath

When your front door has a wreath on it, that wreath reminds you of the holidays every time you come home. But you don’t need to pull out your Christmas wreath just yet. You can build your own wreath to commemorate the change of seasons. If you look online, you can find hundreds of winter wreath ideas.

Decorating Your Tallahassee Apartment

Here at the Renaissance Apartments at Capital Circle, we’re ready for the winter. Contact us and find out about staying at our Tallahassee apartment.

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