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  • Dani Gallagher

Food Delivery Service in Tallahassee: Farm to Fork Meals


If you’re too busy to leave your Tallahassee apartment and do grocery shopping, you should know about Farm to Fork Meals. The service is a meal plan delivery service that gives you fresh and ready-to-heat meals. In October of 2019, the company expanded their delivery service throughout the city.

About Farm to Fork

Farm to Fork isn’t your average delivery service. They serve healthy meals that are ready to go directly in your microwave or oven. There’s no meal prep for you, and you don’t have to worry about going grocery shopping. If you’re pressed for time and trying to have a healthier lifestyle, this service is the perfect option.

The business is located on George Street. It uses natural ingredients to create delicious meals, all of which are made from scratch. In addition to delivering to homes, the company also delivers to offices in the Tallahassee area.

In only a short time, Farm to Fork grew from a small South Florida business to a thriving multi-location company. If you want to try out a meal, all you need to do is order from one of their three meal plans. They have a Paleo plan, vegetarian plan, and fit plan. You can get your meals customized to meet your diet restrictions or allergies. A meal plan gives you either two or three meals a day for five days of the week.

Making Life Easier

Farm to Fork makes life easier, as does living at the Tallahassee Apartments at Capital Circle. Give us a call today and learn how your life can be more convenient.

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