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Finding a Gym in Tallahassee: Where Should You Workout?

There are many gym options available in Tallahassee. However, finding a gym in Tallahassee can be challenging. You need to find the right fit for your goals. Learn about some of the best local gyms in the city.

1. Capital City Barbell

If you’re into weightlifting, then this is the gym for you. It’s not a place for beginners who just want to do some cardio. Most of the members are intermediate and advanced lifters. Therefore, the gym doesn’t offer much more than free weights. If you’re looking for a place to get serious about lifting, then head here.

2. Gold’s Gym

For those who want a gym experience with all of the amenities, there’s Gold’s Gym. This gym offers everything from cardio equipment to saunas. It’s more about cardio than it is about lifting. Although it can get crowded, Gold’s Gym has enough amenities to make it worthwhile.

3. Planet Fitness

Sometimes, you just need a place to workout. At Planet Fitness, you get just that for a very affordable rate. For about $40 a year, you can get access to a gym that has all of the major equipment. Although it is geared towards beginners, it has enough equipment and amenities to please almost anyone. The cost makes this gym hard to pass up.

Your Gym in Tallahassee

When you live in Tallahassee, you get access to plenty of gyms, shops, and more. If you're looking to save money, the Renaissance Apartments is fully remodeling the on-site gym! If you’re looking to move to the area or move from another area of the city, contact us at Renaissance Apartments at Capital Circle.

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