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Exploring The Tallahassee Music Scene


The music scene in Tallahassee is incredible. If you live in Tallahassee, then you need to check out some of the venues for live entertainment. Find out where you should go to explore the Tallahassee music scene.

What Makes it So Special?

There’s one major reason for the great musical entertainment in the area- the universities. With several major colleges and universities in the area, Tallahassee needs to keep the students entertained. This means having plenty of venues for live entertainment.

Throughout the year, many top performers make their way to the city. You can view some of the biggest names in music at any given time of the year. However, there’s much more than major concerts in the area. You can also find some great music at smaller venues.

One of the more unique venues in the city is the Mississippi Blues Trail. The jazz club is small, but still draws high-level entertainment. At the Blues Trail, you can view ,music stars in an intimate setting.

If you want to listen to jazz in another setting, then you can head to B Sharp’s Jazz Cafe. The cafe features groundbreaking artists and is a regular hangout for jazz experts. Another unique venue is The Moon. Located in a former supermarket, this venue offers concerts that are unforgettable.

Getting Out in the Tallahassee Music Scene

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