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Exploring Tallahassee Vineyards

When you live in Tallahassee, you get access to some incredible places. Specifically, you get access to some very unique vineyards. Find out which local vineyards you should visit while exploring Tallahassee for a taste of something different.

1. Dakotah Winery and Vineyard

Located in Chiefland, FL, Dakotah Winery and Vineyard is a beautiful place to spend the day. After only a short drive, you can explore the 12 acre farm. There are over 6,000 grape vines on the site. At the vineyard, you can sample some of their wines. They even offer a non-alcoholic version for those who can’t drink. The atmosphere is tranquil and the experience is amazing.

2. Farmer’s Daughter Vineyards

Outside of Florida, you can find this cozy vineyard in Thomasville. If you haven’t yet tried Georgia wine, then this is your chance. Head to the tasting room and find out what the vineyard has to offer. The grounds are beautiful and the wine is very unique. As a third-generation farming family, this family knows how to grow grapes and how to make great wine.

3. Gin Creek Vineyard

Gin Creek is quite popular for its wedding packages. When you see the grounds, you’ll know why. However, you don’t need to get married to check out the grounds at this vineyard. You can schedule a tasting during the week and see it for yourself.

Exploring Tallahassee

If you plan on exploring Tallahassee vineyards, then you can get a taste of something new. However, here at the Renaissance Apartments at Capital Circle, we can also offer you a taste of something new. We can give you a taste of luxury. Contact us and find out more today.

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