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Adding a Succulent Garden to Your Rental in Tallahassee

Making Succulent Gardens

Adding a Succulent Garden to Your Rental in Tallahassee

If you have a rental in Tallahassee, you can make your apartment seem more at home with a garden. But that garden doesn’t need to take up too much space or time. With a succulent garden, you can easily add some personality to your home. Find out how you can make your own succulent garden.

Step 1: Buy the Plants

You can find succulents at any garden center. Even big box stores sell many varieties of succulents. To start your garden, head to a store and pick out some of your favorite succulents. They come in many shapes and sizes, but are all similar in that they require minimal maintenance.

Step 2: Get Some Supplies

If you don’t want a boring garden, you need to dress up your succulents. Buy a terrarium and some decorative rocks. You can also look for miniature garden statues, like tiny gnomes and houses. Then, you can start setting up your terrarium. You should put down small rocks to act as drainage. Then, cover the rocks with cactus soil. The soil is ideal for succulents.

Step 3: Get Planting

Finally, you can plant your succulents. Each one should have its own small area. Be sure to spread out the roots after you take them out of the container. Then, be certain to place the roots in the soil and not directly onto the rocks.

Finally, start decorating. Place the decorative rocks and statutes around your plants. Find a place for the terrarium and let it add style to your apartment in Tallahassee.

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