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3 of the Best Dog Parks in Tallahassee Your Pup Will Love

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Dogs at the park

One of the best reasons to live in or visit Tallahassee is the abundance of outdoor activities. For dog owners, this is good news. There are several great dog parks in Tallahassee. Find out which ones you should visit with your canine companion.

1. Tom Brown Dog Park

The Tom Brown Dog Park is one of the dog parks in Tallahassee that offers dogs plenty of room. The fenced in area is large enough to give the most active dog a good run. With your typical amenities like seating and doggy bags, the park has it all.

2. All Saints Dog Park

For some dog owners, All Saints Dog Park is a haven. If you’re in the downtown area, then this park is ideal for you. Take your pet for a walk around the downtown area, then head to this park for some freedom.

3. San Luis Mission Park

This park in Tallahassee has a fenced in dog park. This is one of the dog parks in Tallahassee that provides hours of fun. In addition to the dog park, the park features a lake and several trails. After letting the dogs run free in the fenced in park, enjoy a picnic at the shelter.

Enjoying the Dog Parks in Tallahassee and Other Activities

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